8 foolproof tricks to clean a chimney

Whether you like it or not, it’s the cold season. The autumn has not even begun yet, but it is also true that it is falling and that, in less than a cock sings, you will already have the cold in the environment. That’s why it’s time to clean your fireplace.

For more you deny, the hot season is coming to an end. Fall is just around the corner and you know that then, as always happens, it will be the winter’s turn. With it comes the cold and the time to light the fireplace to offer some natural warmth to your home. So far so good, except when it comes time to cleaning.

Are you afraid to face that tide of soot that can become your home? Well, there is nothing left to confront. It is always very important that the chimney is very clean and there are no traces of dangerous elements, which may trigger fire in your home or to fill with smoke. For this reason, these tricks to come clean wonders you face the winter season.

Here are some tricks you can follow to clean your fireplace.
Clean the ignition zone first

Start by checking the part where you will light the ¼re with wood. Clean well, look with a flashlight or some object that allows you to illuminate the inside of the chimney. With a knife or sharp object remove any residue of soot (creosote) or anything that could cause fire once you start the fire.
Eliminates nests and vermin

Verify that no bird has made a nest, nor any other animal is using your ¼replace as a dwelling. This can be done by climbing to the roof and verifying that there is no settlement. If you have found something, you will only have to delete it.
If a good cleaning is needed inside, it is time to act. You must get a special brush that goes through the inside of the chimney pipe and enough sticks or pipes to be able to mount it. Notice how long the tool is, and long enough for the tool to clean the entire surface.
Use a brush of adequate size

It is very important that the brush is the width of the pipe of your ¼replace. Otherwise, all walls will not be clean. And that they are impeccable is the first intention to put you into action, right?
Protects furniture and nearby objects from soot

Now you must leave the house as soon as possible. Clear the area of objects that cannot get dirty, wear the clothes most shabby you have, covers your head, your eyes and your face. Obviously, it waits for a moment of dirt to come, but dirt necessary for the fireplace to subsequently pull in the best possible way. Also, cover all your furniture or objects you do not want to get dirty: the soot is fatal.
Clean top to bottom

Cleaning has been said. Start from top or bottom, as best you can, with cleaning the fireplace, using the appliance with the brush length that can cover the entire stretch from start to finish. Carefully remove all the soot and then check with a flashlight that there are no traces of danger.

Verify that it works correctly

Now, clean the house. Remove the remaining soot in the environment and then gather the wood to make the first fire. That will be the best way to verify that the chimney has remained as it should, since there will be no smoke inside the house nor will you have sparks inside, or anything that resembles it.
Clean before cold starts

Very important: Do not forget to make any verification and cleanup before the season start. For that reason, just in the fall, before the first cold, is the right time to do so.