Caring For the Elderly With Dementia

Senile dementia, an incurable disease affects thinking, memory, communication and behavior. Due to the changes in the brain associated with dementia, care for the elderly is a major challenge. Some compare caring for those with dementia to caring for young children.  One succeeds with knowledge, patience, planning and flexibility.


  1. Learn everything you can about dementia and also on the elderly who suffer.
  2. Establish a routine, because people with dementia respond better if you do the same things at the same time every day. Since not all elders with dementia are equal, the hours that make everyday tasks are different. Observation is the best way to determine the most successful way to establish a routine.
  3. See who has this kind of dementia by helping them meets the daily challenges they face for not remembering things.
  4. Keep potentially dangerous and fragile items out of reach of people with dementia.
  5. Develop a positive support system having an attitude, so that when the task is overwhelming cares have people to help you.
  6. Learn to communicate, separating tasks into small steps and speaking in short sentences. If you repeat something, say it in the same way or in a simpler way.
  7. Manages behavior problems watching carefully the causes that trigger unwanted behavior. Do not take the attack to you like a personal thing. Is the disease talking, not the elderly with dementia.
  8. It provides healthy meals and snacks. Give the old man a chance to help you plan and make simple meals and snacks. Keep things simple. For many, this is a significant activity.
  9. Get people with dementia to focus on meaningful activities. Take them to a care facility for adults or proportional social, mental and physical stimuli throughout the day. The elderly who develop activities with a purpose daytime sleep better at night and have an index of mental and physical decay lower.
  10. Enjoy the company of the elderly with dementia. It might not be the same person you met once, but you need and actually thrives on human contact. No matter what happens, rest it, take care and be warm.

Tips & Warnings

  • Focus on the skills that the elderly with dementia have yet.
  • Give a considerable time to give you an answer.
  • Go with the flow.
  • Smile and laugh a lot.
  • Never argue.
  • Never react with anger or frustration.