How to clean the fireplace duct

The conduit carries the smoke and fumes from your fireplace or stove. Over time, its walls become saturated with soot, which restricts the flow of air through the chimney and is flammable. This may cause a fire. It should be cleaned with a brush of appropriate size. If it is larger than the inner diameter of the duct will become stuck, and if it is too small will not completely remove residues from the walls.


  1. Measure the internal diameter of the chimney tube with a tape measure. This will determine the size of the brush. Buy this at a local distributor who sells items to do your own tasks.
  2. Covers the floor that is in front of the fireplace or stove with plastic for painters. With the help of the blade cut it to the appropriate size and secure it with cloth tape. One end of the plastic should be secured 12 or 24 inches above the front of the fireplace and the other end should be secured around it, in order to create a protected work area. This will prevent the soot from coming loose inside your home.
  3. Wear protective clothing, a gas mask and a pair of goggles.
  4. Build the chimney cleaning brush according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to tighten all connections.
  5. Slide the end of the fireplace brush into the duct. Push it until you get to the top.
  6. Pull the brush down to clean the duct. You must be careful because the soot that comes off will fall on you and the protective plastic barrier. Alternately pull and push the brush through the conduit until no more residue remains on its walls.
  7. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the soot from the plastic and the inside of the fireplace or stove. Before using, make sure you have a clean filter on.
  8. Put on the protective suit of paper and plastic after you have finished cleaning the duct of the chimney.