A law for grandparents

In the last session of the provincial Chamber of Deputies the project of the so-called “law of protection of the elderly” was advanced, a legal tool that proposes the creation of the figure of the defender of the third age and of a register of careers and geriatricians authorized in the field of Santa Fe.

“The State must assume a more protagonist role, promoting policies of care for the elderly, involving the family, the community and the private sector, each of which assumes different and essential functions,” said the author of the initiative.

According to the INDEC projections, in Santa Fe there are about 574 thousand people over 60 and by 2040, about 22% of the population will be in that age range. “That is why there is a need to promote and give visibility to the care of the elderly as a matter of public interest, which has a strong impact on families”.

Among the main aspects of the law, a new vision in the care of the elderly stands out, considering the geriatric as the last instance, that is why it raises the free training of caregivers and the creation of a unique record of these.

“This bill contributes to the strengthening of provincial public policies on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Older Persons, convinced that a more equitable society for all is possible and that for its achievement it is necessary to recognize the human rights, recognizing, the defense, promotion, protection and full enjoyment of the rights of the elderly” concluded the socialist legislator.